About Bryan

Bryan Mortensen Managing Director

Bryan Mortensen is the founder and Managing Director of Confluence Advising. He has two primary goals for this business:

1. To help small to medium sized not-for-profits and charities to realize their goals and dreams.

2. To create a safer world for marginalized peoples by providing training and support to organizations seeking to better themselves and their communities.

Bryan has served as the founder, and Executive Director of the altView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities. He has been with the organization for over ten years. He currently also serves as Administrative Secretary for the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. Bryan is also proud to have worked for the Edmonton John Howard Society and continues to be connected to the organization by delivering Cultural Consciousness training.

In his personal life, Bryan enjoys writing, traveling, and playing board games. He never passes an opportunity for a good pun, or chance to tease his close friends.

Skills & Experience

Over 10 years experience in not-for-profit management and leadership including service as President of the Board of 3 organizations and as a long term serving Executive Director

Aptitude and history of positively representing organizations to the public, partners, and funders.

History of participant centred care and casework.

Proven track record of successful grant writing and grant administration.

Extensive experience with strategic planning and logic model development.


Bryan has Bachelor’s Degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Alberta. He is upgrading his skills through editing courses.